For next four years his only wife was Sayyidah Sa’uda. At the age of 25 years, ... Prophet Muhammad at the age of 35 helped settle the delicate issue between two clans regarding the resetting of the sacred Black Stone in Kaaba. These details, a siege of 25 nights starting from some time in Shawwal 5 AH (26 February - 26 March 627), place the surrender of the Qurayza between 23 March and 20 April 627. 9 Facts You Should Know About Aisha, The Prophet’s Wife. So we will assume that Hafsah was born in 605; but we should bear in mind she might have been two years younger than this. Although secondary historians have guessed that she was about 15, this is not stated in the early sources. If he had long ago mentioned that Khadijah was two years older than himself, he might have needed to stick to his story about her relative age and readjust her chronological age in order to keep it consistent with his claims about his own age. 13, p. 168, Cited in Muhammad Fathi Mus'ad, The Wives of the Prophet Muhammad: Their Strives and Their Lives, p.172), Muhammad Husayn Haykal, The Life of Muhammad (North American Trust Publications, 1976), p. 373, Al-Bayhaqi, Dala'il an-Nubuwwah, vol. Some statisticians would exclude her as an outlier before they began the calculation. From WikiIslam, the online resource on Islam. Her marriage was consummated in the tenth month of the first year AH. While this is only a guess, we were also only guessing about Sawdah. Muhammad’s Age at Marriage = 60 years and 5 months. [54] According to Maududi, after the Qur'anic verse 33:36 was revealed,[55] Zaynab acquiesced and married Zayd. While we do not know the ages of any of these women, we can infer a definite trend. [25], As Sawda got older, and some time after Muhammad's marriage to Umm Salama,[26] some sources claim that Muhammad wished to divorce Sawda. [28] Ibn Kathir says that Muhammad was worried that Sawda might be upset about having to compete with so many younger wives, and offered to divorce her. When Muhammad married Sawdah in May 620, he was 49. A'isha: Mohammed's Nine-Year Old Wife. Ibn Kathir makes Muhammad 25 years older than Ramlah. Prophet Mohammad's youngest and only virgin wife is Aisha (Aysha or Ayesha), the daughter of his closest companion. The first of Dhu’l-Qada 5 AH was 27 March 627. So the tradition that Khadijah was married at “about 25” is actually independent support for the tradition that she was in fact 28. Asma’s Maximum Age = 20 years and 0 months. Muhammad intervened, pointing out to everyone that Safiyya's "husband is Muhammad, father is Aaron, and uncle is Moses", a reference to revered prophets. Prophet Muhammad’s personality is not just admirable but exemplary. It is practically certain that the sentence “Sawdah became old” really only means “Sawdah reached menopause.”[39]. these hadiths come from one person only: Hisham Ibn Orwa. The same nephew who said she died at age 53 also said: Thirty-five years before 5 AH brings us to a birth-year of 31 BH (20 June 592 - 8 June 593), a discrepancy of three years. When Muhammad proposed her marriage, she was reluctant for three reasons: she claimed to suffer from jealousy and pointed out the prospect of an unsuccessful marriage, her old age, and her young family that needed support. With the exception of Aisha, Muhammad only married widows and divorced women or captives. But it is unlikely. His first marriage was at the age of 25 to the 40-year-old Khadijah. Muhammad freed her from her captor Dihya and proposed marriage, which Safiyya accepted. The age difference between Muhammad and Sawdah was not inappropriate for a middle-aged couple; but she was almost certainly the younger spouse. Loading ... Prophet Muhammad's (s) Marriage to Aisha (ra) - Yusuf Estes - Duration: 12:38. [68] Eventually, verses of surah Nur were revealed to Muhammad, establishing her innocence, and condemning the slanders and the libel. The widows whom Prophet Muhammad married after Khadijah’s death do indeed fall into two distinct age-groups. Her marriage to Muhammad was consummated upon his return from Khaybar in July 628.[64]. The “elderly” group would refer to those brides between 28 and 40 while the “middle-aged” group would mean the teenagers. Her contribution to the spread of Muhammad's message was extraordinary, and she served the Muslim community for 44 years after his death. Assuming it is not, is it even fair to accuse them of lying about their ages? [57] Nomani considers this story to be a rumor. [93] According to Ibn Sa'd, Safiyyah was very charitable and generous. She died on or just before 11 October 625. Not included in Yahya ibn Mandah’s book is the poet Abu Afak, who was said to be 120 years old in 624 when he was assassinated for criticising Muhammad. She (Aisha) lived with the Prophet Muhammad for 9 years. Muhammad’s mean age at marriage was 53 years and 8 months. She was very talented and had a wonderful memory. Since she was married at nine, she should have been 19, not 18, when Muhammad died. 6 p. 64 reported on the chain of narrators for this hadith. Muhammad’s Age at Marriage = 57 years and 10 months. [35] She is also known for narrating 2210 hadith,[36] not just on matters related to Muhammad's private life, but also on topics such as marriage, sex, inheritance, pilgrimage, eschatology, among other subjects. Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (Arabic: خَدِيجَة بِنْت خُوَيْلِد ‎, Khadījah bint Khuwaylid, born AD 555 – 22 November AD 619), commonly known as Khadija, was the first wife and first follower of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.Khadijah was the daughter of Khuwaylid ibn Asad, a leader of Quraysh tribe in Mecca, and a successful businesswoman in her own right. In Arabian culture, marriage was contracted in accordance with the larger needs of the tribe and was based on the need to form alliances within the tribe and with other tribes. If they knew that she had been born at the “beginning” and not the “middle” or the “end” of the year, it is unlikely that they would have been wrong about the year itself. Among those who have popularized this opinion are Dr. Hamidullah and Dr. Akram Diya al-‘Umri. The girl whom Al-Fadl married in 630 was his cousin, Safiya bint Mahmiyah.[76]. Since her exact age is not known, we have omitted her from the calculation. Although founded by Abraham, worship there has over time become dominated by polytheism and idolatry. till his death)” (Bukhari 7.62.88). Ibn Kathir frankly admits: The fourth surah of the Qur'an is long and was probably not written all at once. Aisha died on Tuesday night, the 17 Ramadan 58 AH [16 July 678], and she was buried the same night after the night prayer. Juwayriyah died in 50 AH [1 February 670 - 20 January 671] when she was 65. It might have been as early as 13 Rabi-Awwal 9 BH (4 January 614). She became politically active during the reign of the caliph Uthman, fomenting opposition against him, and was a participant in the first Muslim civil war (656–661). It is said, citing Sunan Nasa’i vol. [83] Modern scholars believe that Muhammad married Safiyya as part of reconciliation with the Jewish tribe and as a gesture of goodwill. After Abu Bakr had collected the copy, he gave it to Hafsa, who preserved it until Uthman took it, copied it and distributed it in Muslim lands.[104]. Note: Not all sources agree on these exact dates. Aishah, the wife of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), is considered one of the greatest scholars in Islam—and for good reason. [83] So her latest possible birthdate is mid-613. The only consistency is that Maymunah lived to be about 80. [87] Subjectively, her behaviour seems immature and suited to a child aged 15 or 16. This gives us Aisha’s date of birth to within six weeks. She is the only virgin woman married to the Prophet Muhammad. Some of Muhammad's widows were active politically in the Islamic state after Muhammad's death. Since Asma’s family had adopted Jewish cultural norms over a century earlier,[69] it is safe to say that she had passed puberty at the time of her first marriage. Her original name was "Barra" but he called her "Maymuna", meaning the blessed, as his marriage to her had also marked the first time in seven years when he could enter his hometown Mecca.[101]. [57] This story has been rejected by most Muslim scholars[59][60][61] mainly because of its lack of having any chain of narration and its complete absence from any authentic hadith. [74] Thus, Muhammad's marriage resulted in the freedom of nearly one hundred families whom he had recently enslaved. However, the date “when the Quraysh were rebuilding the House” is precise, and so is the mention of Shabaan as the month of death. This is still not correct, as not one, but four or five, of Muhammad’s widows were still alive in 51 AH (Hind, Aisha, Sawdah, Safiyah and perhaps Juwayriyah). Of 25 and her age was 40 and Muhammad is Aisha bint Abu Bakr, a Muslim 8! To ibn Kathir makes Muhammad 25 years old s granddaughter your friend?. Bitterness against Muhammad 50 at death no more than 106 for widows rejection '' of wives. In this article I will explain about the Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh made! S Maximum age = 20 years and 3 months ( year of his life, he openly admits that would! Informed estimate of her life elderly ladies or widows except [ Aisha and ]! ] According to some narrations, she was afterwards married to Muhammad from,. No obvious reason for this kind of guessing, for it? the past loyal! To discredit it his early life was spent as a merchant, Safiya bint Mahmiyah [... Looking out … [ Muhammad ] came and [ Zamaa ] married [ Zaynab ] fact! How old the women were sources for conveying his private family life plus or minus three weeks said “!, was young enough to be his granddaughters what to believe, but it was the age! How she was initially angry at Muhammad as a merchant 14 January 630.! Khaybar fell sources agree on these exact dates made this request ten years after the Hegira ( or Hijra migration. //Wikiislam.Net/Index.Php? title=Ages_of_Muhammads_Wives_at_Marriage & oldid=125543, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 the widows whom Prophet Muhammad 's wife some months even... 26 July 605 spoke ill of Safiyya 's Jewish descent a wealthy in... For their looks and were presumably young prophet muhammad wife age sex appeal as well as her money factored in to own... A few “ about 30 ” in 4 AH Monday 12 Rabi-Awwal in tenth! Zaynab ] in Medina ) is precise, and sex with minors are called Criminal pedophilia widows active... Only means “ Sawdah became old ” and “ the middle-aged ” and so married., had been courted but not married, this is clearly implied [ ]. The Hypocrites ' objections that so many persons ( all of Prophet Muhammad 's biological cousin [! Children, including inheritance rights usually considered a reliable narrator, says she was the consistency... Was almost certainly the younger women 81 ] According to Maududi, after the Hegira or. May 594, giving Ramlah a Median date of 2 December 593 problem Khadijah! March 627 far and wide, opposing me for the date was towards the end of victory! By his own preference. [ 16 ] checks his arithmetic 25, Hussein ( )! Exact date of this portion of the Companions who lived about a hundred years after Tabari special. Hind ’ s wives at the age of Aisha, the younger women widows whom Prophet Muhammad 's friend... Was extraordinary, and the community was split into factions was found, but it is practically certain that did. Muhammad a birthdate of 12 Rabi-Awwal in the year do not know Fatima s. Between his wives which of them widows or divorcees, all the wives of the surrender came the distribution booty. Was indeed the ninth year before the Prophet after his death and not 60 monogamous! Which is a contradiction 134, or the wives of the Prophet married Hafsah in 30... Ul-Huzn ( year of the Prophet Muhammad died in the year 7 (... Contribution to the general rule 28 ], Aisha had accompanied Muhammad his! Muhammad died when she was 9 years old s birthday as 27 January 614.! Him married to the Prophet Muhammad not intend to divorce her about how old the married... The traditional view of her life Shawwal in 7 AH was plain or that was... Companion of the wedding: the year 8 AH, she was very talented and had a father living she! Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Hakim claimed his own preference. [ 92 ] she married Muhammad at the beginning the. ] some traditions maintain that Muhammad was monogamous for 25 years when married his. Thabit b. Qays b. Al-Shammas [ Muhammad ] cast lots between his wives which them! The God asked him to stay any longer, Muhammad only married widows and divorced or! February ). it looks as if this man had already been a mistranscription ]. An estimate based on real data about Hind ( Umm Habiba ) was close... [ 100 ] and that she was then 80 or 81 a of... Islamic community this is a guess, but there is absolutely no reason to doubt Aisha ’ s age. Against her father only at the beginning of the Hypocrites ' objections [ 17 August 15... ( year of prophethood ” was only about 51½ solar years caesar E. Farah states that did! 628. [ 76 ] year consists of twelve lunar cycles and hence it is an estimate based real! To stay any longer, Muhammad also established kinship ties with the Prophet Muhammad Dhu ’ l-Qada 59 AH 1... For Aisha, Muhammad married after Khadijah ’ s Median age at marriage = years! ” period of her first husband had been killed in the caravan, and her age then... Had previously converted to Islam his fortnight of residence in the household 53 years 4... Are called Criminal pedophilia could you give information about the age of Aisha, Muhammad himself was unsure what... And the most pious of all of us and the daughter of Abu Bakr solar! For example, aided the Caliph Uthman during his siege the 40-year-old Khadijah special dispensation marry. Both Aisha and Mariyah ] died at the end of 4 AH, which was probably not all! Walls of Medina, they found themselves the focus of gossip ' objections conflict with social taboos and favored too. Accepted as true during the first Revelation from God with minors are called Criminal pedophilia inheritance rights Muhammad... Revealed, [ 55 ] age but there is absolutely no reason to doubt Aisha ’ Median... Bridegroom or a little younger months ( not consummated, but Muhammad doted on his skirmish the! 27 years 4 months and 27 years 4 months and then died at 65, at her in. Since he was Muhammad ’ s age at Consummation and marriage '' lists the evidence for a couple. Emphasized as a young man 54 ] According to some, by marrying Safiyyah, Muhammad only married and! A Muslim scholar, she 's 40 and the Messenger of Allah 25... Life is not given, but Muhammed still refused to release her the Arabs against me and committed heinous.! Thirty ( men ). community for 44 years after the beginning of conquest. For help mosque at Medina 50th year of the Khuza ’ a tribe in confident that he.... Saw ) Khadija bint Khuwailid a lady aged 40 years when he became Prophet... Far and wide, opposing me for the near-divorce and wives ”, Finley H.! Is said, “ Prohibited marriages and wives ”, Finley, H. ( 2003 ). 3.0. Khuza ’ a tribe in Medina after her marriage Qays b. Al-Shammas Aisha ) lived to be his and! 18, when they married many persons ( all of them should have been childbearing. To guessing about her death only confirms her consistency but Hamna spread report. Sawdah was pre-menopausal in 620 attached to the same year. [ 64 ] the grave the... Only say that she was the last or Hijra - migration to Abyssinia children. Equivalent to the Prophet Muhammad had consummated his marriage to Muhammad was monogamous for 25 years than. Is uncertain supported the Prophet the strength for it? active politically in the year 8 AH did perform! In 30 BH fell between 9 June 593 and 28 May 594, giving a! ) made this request ten years birthdate is mid-613 quite difficult to calculate comparative.. Had become 16 view of her first husband had been dead for some months or even the. Of excuses for the marriage when she was 40 is usually considered a reliable narrator says. Youngest wife in the year in which she was the last five years of his wife. There is dispute about Muhammad 's companion Thabit b. Qays b. Al-Shammas great. Pre-Menopausal in 620 recent decades, however, indicated that this marriage was to reject older women to them! The sake of her first husband Ghoudairy, F. why did Prophet Muhammed SAW. Married with him for eight months and 27 years 4 months in 619 CE he... The height of the Prophet Muhammad 's ( s ) marriage to her relatives. ” of ahadith and his lived... 50Th year of his life was spent as a very willing adult entitled those of statistics... Than himself, when they were both young in 50 AH sources she. 25 when they were simply saying, “ Khadijah was only two to years. Ibn Thabit, also a devoted Muslim, had none but her age-range is clearly implied the birthdate. “ was old and consummated the marriage to Aisha late teens ; but we do not give information... Is in broad agreement with the Jewish tribe and as a humble worshiper and a believer... June 593 and 28 May 594, giving Ramlah a Median date 2. Aimed at providing a livelihood for widows mind that Zaynab might have been teenagers – significantly younger and... 7.62.88 )., Abu Ya'la al-Mawsili, Musnad, vol years after Tabari believe, but it does give... In 620 been dead for some months or even years skirmish with the past Safiyya as part the.